Knowing their perceptions could change your life.

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If you believe the narratives regarding finding, achieving, or owning happiness, your mind may envision dense jungle quests and treasure maps. Similar to explorers from our favorite tales, we’re constantly seeking the next thing to provide a taste of the dangling carrot perpetually out of reach. Like a desert oasis, it dissolves into wisps of memory, leaving us wondering why we can’t hold on. Are we incapable, broken, damned? Or is the story we’ve been fed critically flawed? What if happiness isn’t a treasure to be found, a destination reached, or something discovered after a subsequent pay bump? …

Self-care is just as important as where you wanna go.

If you’re anything like me, leaving your element and routine is mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. My struggle with ADHD causes increased stress and anxiety when my world is disorganized and my routine is upended. Ric, on the other hand, is a very go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He can sleep anywhere and we constantly joke about him having the body of a 15-year-old boy — he doesn’t need much in terms of comfort. …

Buying, Build Out, And Everything In Between

If you were to ask us a year ago where we would be right now, we couldn’t have told you we’d be traveling the US. But life doesn’t always work out the way you plan. Sometimes you’ve got to get creative. After we realized traveling the world wasn’t an option, we changed gears. Looking into the cost and ways to limit stress, we decided building a car bed would allow us to travel farther and longer.

We Bought A Car

When Google Maps and Siri just won’t cut it.

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Chances are you’re reading this right now on some sort of smart device. In fact, upwards of 75% of Americans own a smartphone. We all love our devices and especially our apps. They help us get through the day, tell us where we’re going, and keep us entertained throughout our daily lives. But what about the apps for travelers? We’ll share what we think are the 11 must-have apps for every traveler, based on the ones we’ve used for the last 13 weeks of travel.

Getting from place to place

Whether you’re trying to find a camping spot, need help figuring out which trail to…

Our tips and advice from making our dream reality.

Alyssa took a long, slow sip of whatever fruity drink was in the coconut she was holding and turned to me. She said, “I don’t wanna go back.” We were rounding out the end of a week vacation in Thailand and already felt like we needed another. The whole trip was a whirlwind of long flights, jam-packed days, and a non-stop attempt to squeeze out every last drop of the trip that we could. The culture we’ve built around vacations in America is unsustainable. …

People change, desires shift, and new needs don’t allow for complacency.

As my partner and I watched the sun slowly dip beneath the horizon of the Pacific Ocean, I thought back on the journey that got us where we are. We were supposed to be backpacking across the world for a year, me working freelance and her enjoying a year off before grad school. But the world is different than it was when we first dreamed this dream. We’re different, too.

That’s the thing most people don’t realize. The world we know is constantly evolving, constantly moving forward, constantly creating new versions of itself. And in the same way, the people…

Remote Work is the Future

Our workforce is changing. Politicians are pushing for shorter work weeks, which we’ve seen work in other countries. Our global connectedness is making working remotely easier. And it’s not only creatives, artists, and writers. The recent global pandemic has proven our workforce can be as productive remotely (if not more) compared to an office setting.

We’re in the midst of a work revolution and you’re going to want to be part of it because this new world of remote work opens up the possibility for more freedom and adventure.

Can you work remotely?

If you’re looking to get in on this new way of…

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For so long, the America Dream has benefitted a select few. If you’re from the wrong family, if you’re the wrong color, if you practice the wrong religion, or if you don’t fit into the perfect, predetermined mold, move along. There’s nothing for you here.

America has never been the place it claimed to be. Not everyone gets a nice house, with a yard and picket fence. The white picket fences surrounding those big houses are here, but only for those maintaining a certain percentage of melanin in their skin.

When others have conquered their way in, through floods of…

Everything in its place, but for social media marketing.

You wouldn’t go into culinary warfare without the right tools, so why leave your marketing plan up to fate? Social media is dominating the marketing world and the different platforms we use to communicate with our potential guests, clients, readers are our tools. Knowing the purpose and effectiveness each space provides puts you ahead of the competition. I want to analyze the heavy-hitting social platforms and talk through the importance of each.


If you haven’t heard of Instagram, you’re probably old. It is what it is. Instagram is a visual marketer's paradise. Stickers, quick video clips, boomerangs, shiny gifs, sparkly…

Ric Burnett

Looking to find my place in the world and using experiences as guidance. Traveling, talking about life, and personal growth drive me.

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