Knowing their perceptions could change your life.

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Self-care is just as important as where you wanna go.

Buying, Build Out, And Everything In Between

We Bought A Car

When Google Maps and Siri just won’t cut it.

Photo by Patrick Schöpflin on Unsplash

Getting from place to place

Whether you’re trying to find a camping spot, need help figuring out which trail to…

Our tips and advice from making our dream reality.

People change, desires shift, and new needs don’t allow for complacency.

Remote Work is the Future

Can you work remotely?

If you’re looking to get in on this new way of…

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Everything in its place, but for social media marketing.


If you haven’t heard of Instagram, you’re probably old. It is what it is. Instagram is a visual marketer's paradise. Stickers, quick video clips, boomerangs, shiny gifs, sparkly…

Ric Burnett

Looking to find my place in the world and using experiences as guidance. Traveling, talking about life, and personal growth drive me.

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